A fixed deposit -  (FD) is a financial instrument provided by Indian banks which provides investors..

t is mandatory to be a member in the company.

Company will issue 10 shares (10/- Rs each) for FD Plan.

Minimum FD would be of Rs.10000 and further in multiple of Rs. 1000.

Interest calculation yearly compound.

TDS Deducted to be Deducted on interest. Paid by Betwanchal India Nidhi on Deposit as per provisions and Income tax Act.

Loan available against deposits up to 70% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.

Recurring Deposit Plan

It is mandatory to be a member in the company.

Company will issue 1 shares (10/- Rs) for RD Plan.

Interest will be calculated on yearly basis.

Recurring Deposit minimum amount Rs 500/-, thereafter in multiples of Rs 100/­

Loan on deposits will be charged at 18% yearly compound interest basis.

1 month after paying last instalment or maturity amount due date whichever is more will be applicable for payment of maturity amount.

Irregular deposits are not entitled for pre mature payment and loan facility against it.

On irregular deposits if all irregular pending deposits are paid then such account will be treated as regular. Even if there is default in payment of 1 instalment, the said account will be treated as irregular.

After maturity date, payment on irregular accounts will be made after deducting the penalty amount maximum to the limit of interest earned on such account. No deductions will be made on principle amount of such accounts.

R.D. will not be premature within first 3 month.

If R.D. is matured after 3 month but before 6 month no interest will be paid.

After depositing the premium of 6 months, any type of interest will not be given.

If any person premature its R.D then the person will be paid 2% , less of maturity interest after 6 months to 60 months.

 Daily Deposit Scheme is a monetary deposit scheme introduced to help daily wage earners, small traders..

The Member Account Holder shall surrender the passbook and duly signed maturity form to the company and the maturity shall be paid along with interest as per the below mentioned Chart. No additional interest would be paid on the maturity amount, if taken after the scheduled period

Maturity payment of regular accounts. On deposit of Rs. 10/- per day Maturity Amount shall be paid to the Member Account Holder within 7 days from the demand made with the company as per the following chart(for daily mode)

Maturity Payment of irregular accounts. The account where in the member Account Holder has not continued the account regularly, as specified in clause (1) above would be treated as irregular Account. The company will charge liquidated damages on these irregular accounts on account of non receipt of deposit installments in time and the resultant loss of investment opportunity, etc. The liquidated damages would be deducted from or adjusted against the interest amount payable to the member account holder. No deduction of any kind shall be made from the principal amount deposited by the member account holder. Therefore, at the time of maturity, the payment in these accounts shall be made with interest as per the chart available at the company offices.

Pre-Maturity Pre-Maturity is not allowed at any point of time but member can avail loan facility.